Quick guide to the new frames

Who are they for?

I designed each new frame in response to specific customer requests.


Narrow or long faces.
Larger but still petite.
Plastic temples for those who dislike metal.
Excellent for progressive lenses.


Very small or narrow faces.
Close-set eyes.


Extremely narrow faces.
Long, thin faces.
Close-set eyes.
Excellent for progressive lenses.


Small faces.
Long temples.
Slightly wide noses.

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Why I never wear make up when glasses shopping

The stiletto example

Has this happened to you? You are shopping for dresses, and the store clerk offers you stilettos to try with them.

Not to buy, necessarily, but to “complete the look.” This can be useful if you plan to wear the dress with heels.  

But stilettos do more than just “complete the look.” They make almost anything you wear look fabulous.

Stilettos change your posture

They change the way you carry your body. They deepen the arch of the back and cause the butt and chest to stick out. They add inches to your height, making your legs look longer and thinner.  

They do a lot more than just show how the dress will hang when you have your favorite heels on.

Kicking off your heels

But anyone who has been to a wedding knows that the stilettos don’t stay on. As much as we may love them, they can be uncomfortable. 

How does the dress look without them?

Probably fine. But not necessarily fantastic. And fantastic would be better, wouldn’t it?

Flattering your unique shape

A great dress for you looks fabulous on you with both feet flat on the ground. 

It looks that way because it is an exceptionally good fit. Because the unique lines of your body are complemented and flattered by the unique cut of the dress. 

That’s the dress that will still look fabulous when you kick your heels off, and phenomenal when you keep them on.

How does this relate to glasses? 

Make up also changes the appearance of your face. 

It doesn’t literally change your face shape the way that stilettos literally alter your posture. But, it does give the appearance of change by emphasizing different features. 

For example, a common tip to “widen the eyes” is to apply dark eyeshadow to the outer corner and light eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye.

Make up causes mediocre frames to look good

Just like stilettos make a pretty-good-on-you dress look great, make up can cause many frames to look about equally attractive on you.

Sounds like a good thing, right? 

But as a result, you can’t tell which frames look great because they fit you so well and flatter your unique face shape and features, vs which ones only look good because you look so good with your pretty, made-up face. 

My experience

I remember a glasses shopping trip I made years ago on a day when I happened to be all done up with lots of eyeliner and mascara. 

I found I looked pretty good even in frame shapes that I know don’t work for me generally. Frames that were the wrong shape for my face. Even in frames that were obviously too large. 

I couldn’t tell which I liked. There was no clear winner.

Make the exceptional frames stand out

Unless you wear make up all the time, it would be nice to have a pair that looks good even when you aren’t wearing it. You don’t want to end up with frames that you can only pull off when you have your whole face on. 

But that’s not actually why I recommend going bare-faced for glasses shopping.

In a sea of frames that look “just ok” on you, the particularly flattering frames will float to the top more easily when you don’t have all the frames looking about equally good simply because you and your pretty, made-up face looks good. 

So if you want to find the best possible fit, and to pick it out from the other options more easily and quickly, I recommend skipping make up when you try on frames. It’s what I do.

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Pre-orders: Color Voting Explained

How colors will be chosen

Since I released 6 new styles on Pre-order, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how colors will be chosen. 

It can be daunting to Pre-order frames without knowing what color they will be!  Here’s more information to help put you at ease.

3 colors per style

Each new style will come in 3 colors.

When you place your Pre-order, you will be asked to suggest 3 colors in order of your preference. 

That may be enough to decide the colors. Or, there may be a second round of voting. For example, if the first vote calls for “green,” a second vote could determine whether that should be olive, mint, teal, etc.

Final decision

From the most popular colors, I will select 3 final colors that include a mixture of both:

  • warm and cool tones
  • dark and light colors
  • neutral and colorful options

"What if I don't like the colors?"

If you don’t like the final selection, you can cancel your Pre-order when the colors are announced.

Make your vote count

Color voting is exclusively available to those who Pre-order. 

If color is important to you, don’t wait for someone else to make the choice. Join the Pre-orders and have your vote counted. 

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Now a family business

I hired my mother

I recently hired a new shipping assistant – my mother!

Starting next week, she will be taking over all shipping, returns, and refurbishing tasks.

My previous assistant, Patricia, will be moving on.

I’m very happy that my little shop has grown enough that it can benefit a close family member. She is excited to work from home and to make her own schedule.

I’m sure the business will benefit as well. I can’t think of anyone who would be more invested in my success than my mother!

Spotlight on Julie

A closer look at the Julie frame, why I made them, and what makes them unique. Check it out!




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I Read My Youtube Comments

There are those who say you shouldn’t read the comments on your youtube videos.



People can be particularly nasty on the internet. One musician compared the comments on youtube videos to the writing on a bathroom stall.  So, ever since I posted some educational videos on youtube, I’ve been afraid to read the comments. 


In a moment of bravery, I took a look this morning. 


At the risk of being anti-climactic … they were all super nice.  I feel so grateful to be involved in a business that attracts such exceptionally kind customers. Thank you all for being such lovely humans! 


PS... They're not new, but in case you missed them, the videos can be seen here:

Best Masks for Small Faces

Petite Adult Face Masks

If your face is small or narrow, glasses are not the only thing that doesn't fit well.

Most face masks will also be too large. This looks baggy and unattractive. 



These lady lumps are not lovely...



But what’s worse is that they don't work: loosely fitting masks leave gaps around the edges.

This allows airflow and defeats the purpose of wearing a mask.

The good news is that there are plenty of small size face masks for women like us. 



Perfect fit!  What a difference.




Best Masks for Small Faces

This list is compiled with help from the PetiteGlasses.com community. Thanks for your contributions!

(Disclaimer: I am not a medical profession and cannot speak to the effectiveness of these masks for the prevention of Covid-19 transmission).




Etsy - Cotton 3 Layer Face Mask

Origami face mask with nose clip and adjustable ears. Runs small - order "regular."





Amazon - EnerPlex Premium Kid's Mask

My personal favorite! And featured in my photos, above. I like that the 5" height isn't too tall for my all-around-small face. 





Rickshaw Bagworks - Size Small Face Masks

Tons of pattern options, available in size small. 6 inch mask height (size S) is good for long, narrow faces.





Poppy and Stella - Petite Face Covering

This is just adorable. I might wear this even after the pandemic is over...





Etsy - Adult's Small Pastel Green Leaf Geometric Patterned Face Mask

Offers adult small size for women/teens. Also sells kids large/small, if you need even smaller. 





Athleta - Everyday Non Medical Masks 5 Pack

Adjustable ear loops can help get the right fit on narrow faces.





Etsy - Small Neoprene Face Mask with Filter Insert

These face masks are sized for petite, with adjustable earloops. Great colors!





Etsy - CareEco Small Triple Layer Face Covering

Fits petite faces, and features adjustable nose wire for less gapping around the nose.





Christine Alcalay - Fabric Face Masks

Unique prints, by a designer. 6.25" height on size small is good for long faces.





Uniqlo - Airism Face Mask

3 layer structure for moisture wicking, filtration, and UV blocking. Try small/kids size.  





Etsy - 3D Face Mask

3D face mask comes in adult small, kid's regular, and kid's small.




What's your favorite mask? Share below!