There are those who say you shouldn’t read the comments on your youtube videos.



People can be particularly nasty on the internet. One musician compared the comments on youtube videos to the writing on a bathroom stall.  So, ever since I posted some educational videos on youtube, I’ve been afraid to read the comments. 


In a moment of bravery, I took a look this morning. 


At the risk of being anti-climactic … they were all super nice.  I feel so grateful to be involved in a business that attracts such exceptionally kind customers. Thank you all for being such lovely humans! 


PS… They’re not new, but in case you missed them, the videos can be seen here:

How to Order Home Try-on

1. Click the “Home Try-on: Free” button under any frame to select that frame.

How to order step 1

2. A checkmark will appear when frame is selected. Unclick to remove.

How to order step 2

3. Once 5 frames are selected, Home Try-on is added to Cart.

(Must choose 5).

How to order step 3

4. Checkout to complete your order.

Choose 5 FramesHow it works