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I make glasses for women like us!

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“I used to be embarrassed of my glasses.
Now, I get compliments all the time.”  –Carol

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Perfect Fit

I design exclusively for small or narrow faces. Look sharp in frames made for a face like yours.

Superior Comfort

No more pinching behind the ears or sliding down your nose. Slip into frames that fit securely and comfortably.

Sophisticated Styles

They’re on your face for all to see. Get frames that show the real you.

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I was frustrated.

Everywhere I went, only a handful fit. I kept falling in love with glasses that were much too big. I had no idea glasses came in sizes, or that my size was uncommon. Even online, I had a hard time finding what I wanted. That’s why I designed my own line.

Aislinn Emirzian


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Lenses not available. Take your frames to any optician for prescription lenses.

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What People Are Saying


I Am In Love With These Glasses! I Love The Style But More Importantly, I Love That They Actually Fit My Face! I Have Had To Purchase Children’s Glasses In The Past Because My Face Is So Narrow. These Fit Snug Without Being Too Tight. Plus They Are Super Cute!


Most Glasses Don’t Fit My Face Quite Right – They Usually Appear Oversized. Even Before Any Adjustments, These Frames Fit Securely And Comfortably On My Face. Also, This Is A Style That I’ve Previously Been Unable To Wear As Other Similar Looking Frames Overpower My Face.


Most Of My Life, I’ve Struggled To Find The Right Glasses For My Narrow Face. I Would Have One, Maybe Two Options To Pick From And Often Felt Like I Was Settling. I Tried On Several Pairs Of Petite Glasses And They All Fit! It Gave Me The Choice To Pick The Style I Wanted, Not Just The Pair That Fit.

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