Semi-rimless frames are ideal for small faces

Since I first launched in 2018, half-rim glasses have been a common request. 

What are half-rims?

Half-rim (aka semi-rimless) glasses are frames that have no lower rim on the frame front. The lower half of the lens is bare, or held by a thin string of nylon. 

Why they’re great for small faces

Less material crowding your face

  • The absent lower rim means less material to take up space on your small face.

More height without overpowering 

  • Many women with small faces find that too much lens height overwhelms their face. They find they look better with shorter lens heights.
  • Since half-rims don’t have a lower rim, they allow you to wear a larger lens height without your face being swallowed.

Lens Height

Progressive / Bifocal Lenses

  • If you need progressive or bifocal lenses, they have minimum lens height requirements for best results. 
  • That can be tricky for those who are more flattered by frames with less height, in rectangular and oval shapes (vs taller square and round shapes).
  • Half-rims solve this by eliminating the lower rim. You can wear more lens height than you would on a full rim frame because without the lower rim, the extra height doesn’t show as much.
  • This allows you to get a better result with your prescription lenses, and still look good!

Other benefits

  • Thinness:  Semi-rimless frames are often (though not always) metal. Metal frames are always thinner than acetate. The thinner the frame, the more subtle the appearance. 


  • Lightweight:  Because they have less material on the frame, they are not as heavy as a full rim frame. That can make them more comfortable. 


  • Fashion:  They have many of the benefits of a rimless frame (less material, less weight), but allow for more personality to show through with different colors and shapes. It is easier to find a frame that pleases your sense of style with half-rim vs rimless frames.

Not ideal for oblong face shape

  • If your face is long and thin (oblong face shape), half-rim glasses may not be the best choice for you.
  • Half-rims, like all top-heavy frames, elongate the face. 
  • The upper rim catches the eye at the top, creating the appearance of lengthening from the top rim down to the chin. This makes a long face look even longer.
  • Long faces are more flattered by a full rim, which helps break up the appearance of face length. 

Great for square or round face shape

  • The same lengthening effect that makes half-rim glasses less flattering for long faces makes them perfect for shorter faces.
  • Square and round face shapes are shorter face shapes, i.e. the face has a smaller height relative to its width. 
  • The lengthening effect of top-heavy frames, including half-rims, balances short, wide face shapes by giving the appearance of elongation.

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