1. Choose 5 frames. We send them to you. Shipping is on us, both ways.
  2. Try on at home. You have 5 days to pick which frames you like best. 
  3. Keep what you like. Your account will be charged for the frame(s) that you keep.
  4. Send back the rest. Use your pre-paid return label and drop your box at USPS.

Order your home try on here.

Home Try-on is free.

However, we charge $1 when you place your order to make sure your card is valid and that you are not a robot. ($1 charge is refunded when kit is returned).

Your credit card is saved to your account, and will be charged the full retail price for any frames that you choose to keep. We may also charge for frames that are returned damaged.

Home Try-on does require you to choose 5 pairs, but you can also buy frames individually. Simply select “Buy This Frame” option on the product page of the frames you like.

However, without Home Try-on:

  • You will be charged the full price of all frames upfront.
  • You will be responsible for shipping, both ways.

How do I return my Home Try-on?

Returning your Home Try-on is free and easy. Simply attach the pre-paid label and drop it at your local USPS at the end of your 5 day trial period.

If any frames are not returned, we will assume that you chose to keep them, and your account will be charged for the kept frames. If any frames returned damaged, we may charge you the full cost of any damaged frames.


What if I keep a pair from the Home Try-on, but change my mind after I’ve returned the box?

If you keep a pair from the home try-on at the end of your 5 day trial period, you have 1 week to request a refund.

You will be responsible for return shipping. A full refund will be issued when frames are received in good condition. Email [email protected] for more information.


We hope to offer lenses in the future. Until then, any optician can fit lenses to our frames.

Opticians are not limited to the frames that they sell. They are happy to have your business for lenses, even if you didn’t buy the frames from them.

Many fit issues may be adjustable, including:

  • Pinching behind the ears
  • Sliding down the nose
  • Squeezing the sides of the head
  • Sitting crooked on your face

Get help: [email protected]

If you’ve had a pair that fit you well, it’s a good idea to try a similar size. Glasses sizes are usually printed inside the temple. Learn more here.

If you’re not sure what size you should be wearing, try one of each of our 5 styles.

We plan to make sunglasses too! Until then, you can turn any of our frames into sunglasses.

Simply take them to your optician. They can fit sunglass lenses on any frame, with or without a prescription.

Absolutely! We plan to offer:

  • True petite sizing with lens widths of 45 and 46
  • Round, square, and oval shapes
  • More color options for the most popular styles

Tell us what you want. [email protected]

Ask away! We’d love to hear from you. [email protected]

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