Why Are Petite Glasses Hard to Find?

Only a handful that fit

You run store to store, all over town, trying on glasses.

But each one has only a few options that actually fit you. All the frames you love are much too big. There are children’s glasses, but they don’t look or fit they way you’d like.

You end up with only 5 or 6 pairs to choose from, and you don’t really like any of them.

Have you had this experience? Then you need petite glasses.

About 8% of women need petite size glasses

That’s a lot of people! But for any single store, that’s a small percentage of their business.

Opticians can only stock so many frames, and they have to favor what will sell the best. That means most places carry a disproportionate number in the most common sizes, and just a handful of the less common, smaller sizes.

Although plenty of women need these sizes, they are such a small percentage of the clientele at any one store, that for most places it just doesn’t make sense to offer a wide selection of them. They don’t sell enough to justify the cost.

As much as they might like to, your local retailer simply can’t afford to offer you a better selection.

Also, most people who need petite sizing don’t know it. Because they don’t know there is a better option, they settle for kid’s glasses. Or, they buy a pair in a style they love even though they are too big.

That means that many eyewear stores still manage to sell to women with petite faces, so they aren’t really incentivized to stock more petite frames. Unfortunately, all this means poor selection for you!

That’s why many shoppers are looking online.

The selection is so much better online than any single store. This makes it easier not only to find a comfortable and attractive fit, but also to find a style that matches who you are.

Have you struggled to find frames locally? Post in comments!

Ready to love your glasses?

Ready to love your glasses?

Ready to love your glasses?