“There is nothing more frustrating than going into a store with hundreds of pairs of frames and absolutely nothing fits.”  -Octavia

Only a handful that fit

You run store to store, all over town, trying on glasses.

But each one has only a few options that actually fit you. All the frames you love are much too big. There are children’s glasses, but they don’t look or fit they way you’d like.

You end up with only 5 or 6 pairs to choose from, and you don’t really like any of them.

Have you had this experience? Then you need petite glasses.

8% of women need petite frames

That’s literally millions of women.

But for your local store, that’s not even 10% of their female customers. It’s even less of their total customers – a measly 5% – since half will be male.

Plenty of women need petite eyeglasses. But at any one location, there are not many people buying them. For any single store, petite frames are not exactly a best seller.

As much as they might like to, your local retailer simply can’t afford to offer you a better selection

Opticians can only stock so many frames. They need to carry what sells well. And of course, the most common sizes – the sizes that fit the largest number of people – are what sells the best.

So, retailers carry a disproportionate number of the most common sizes. That lets them offer the best selection to the largest number of people.

The result? You are flooded with lens width 52 frames – the most common women’s size. But there’s only a handful of the smaller sizes (lens width 45 to 50) that fit best on women like you.

That’s why everywhere you go, the selection is lousy!

Online shopping offers the best selection

Many women with small or narrow faces are starting to look online for their eyewear.

The selection is so much better than any single store. This makes it easier not only to find a comfortable and attractive fit, but also to find a style that matches who you are.

Have you struggled to find frames you like? Post in the comments!

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How to Order Home Try-on

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