Designed for small or narrow faces

Petite frames are designed to fit adult faces that are smaller or narrower than average.

Are most glasses too big for you? Have you worn kid’s glasses? You may need petite frames!

Many brands make at least a few glasses in “petite” sizes. However, it’s hard to find something you like when you only have 2 or 3 options. Also, these are rarely labeled as “petite,” so they aren’t always easy to find.

Dedicated petite line

Some brands, like mine, offer a full line of petite frames.

If you know you need small sizes, but aren’t sure what size would work best, shopping a petite line is a great idea. Although everyone has slightly different size and shape needs, petite frames will be in the right ballpark for most women with small or narrow faces.

That’s a big win, because glasses shopping is hard enough!

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