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Check out the new colors for the Teresa and Joelee frames.

These will be offered on Pre-order.

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Best-selling Teresa Frame

The Teresa in Black/silver (above) was a best-seller.  It is now sold out.

I’ll be re-issuing this popular style on pre-order, as well as some new colors (below).

Note:  the metallic brown option will be the same color as the also popular (and nearly sold out) Joelee Burnt Caramel.

Teresa new colors

Joelee Glasses for Small Faces

The Joelee Burnt Caramel was another popular option, now nearly sold out.

I’ll be re-issuing this color, along with new colors, below.

As a thin metal frame with a small size 47 lens width and a rectangular shape, Joelee is an excellent option for small faces that are overwhelmed by too much thickness or lens height.

Joelee new colors

Not all colors will be produced

Pre-orders are part of a Crowdfunding campaign.  Only the most popular styles / colors will go into production.  This is determined by how many Pre-orders each style / color receives.


Each style must reach a minimum number of Pre-orders to go into production. Then, the 3 most popular colors for that style will be produced. Styles that don’t reach their funding goal will be cancelled, and those Pre-orders refunded.


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