Where's my itemized invoice?


Need an itemized invoice for insurance purposes?


Download your PDF invoice:

  1. Log in to your Account. You may need to create a password.
  2. Find "Orders" section
  3. Click "Invoice (PDF)"

How do I pay for my frames?


Found frames you want to keep?  I'm so glad!



Checkout Instructions:


  1. Log in to your Account. You may need to create a password.


  1. Use this link to pay for kept frames.


  1. Enter Order ID from your Home Try-on. 


  1. Select the frames you are keeping. 


  1. Make payment using any credit card. 


Thank you for your purchase!



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Can I still get the discount without pre-ordering?


No, the discounted price is exclusively offered to those who pre-order.  Once the frames are complete, they will sell at full price.


However, if you pre-order frames and you don't like them once they are complete, you can keep your discount by exchanging them for any other single frame on the site, at any price (including full price frames).


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How will colors be chosen?


Each new style will come in 3 colors.

The colors will first be voted on by those who pre-order.

From the most popular colors, I will select 3 colors that include a mixture of both:

  • warm and cool tones
  • dark and light colors
  • neutral and colorful options


If you would like to have a vote, be sure to place your pre-order!

If you don't like the colors that are chosen, you can cancel your pre-order when the colors are announced.



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How do pre-orders work?


Pre-orders are how I crowdfund new designs. This allows me to get the funding I need to produce new styles. 


  1. I create a new frame design 
  2. I offer them on pre-order with a discount
  3. Styles that get enough pre-orders go into production


If I don't get enough pre-orders, production is cancelled and you get your money back.


If you don't like them, you have 30 days to return them for a full refund.  Or, keep your discount by exchanging  them for any single frame, at any price. 



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Do you ship international?


For now, I ship within the US only.


I do hope to expand in the future! Email me to receive a notification.

[email protected]



Can I order more than one Home Try-on?


Yes, you can have 2 Home Try-on orders at once.

It is not necessary to wait until the first is returned to order the second. There are no new fees for additional or subsequent Home Trials. 


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How long does shipping take?


3-7 days, depending on your location.

We ship from Florida.



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What are shipping costs?


Home Try-on
Free shipping both ways


Direct purchase (without Home Try-on)
$5 each way


Free shipping both ways


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What is your warranty?


All frames come with a warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase.


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Contact me.


I'm happy to hear from you!

[email protected]




What if I buy frames directly (without Home Try-on)?


Frames purchased on the site without Home Try-on have a 30 day return policy.

A return label is included for your convenience. Please note $5 return shipping will be deducted from your refund.


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I need a different shape/size/style. Will you offer more options?


Yes! I plan to offer:

  • True petite sizing with lens widths of 45 and 46
  • Round, square, and oval shapes
  • Wider bridge options
  • Rimless and semi-rimless
  • More colors for the most popular styles


Send requests:  [email protected]


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How do I know what size to get?


If you’ve had a pair that fit you well, it’s a good idea to try a similar size.

Glasses sizes are usually printed inside the temple.  Learn more here.


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I like them but they aren't comfortable. Can they be adjusted?


Many fit issues may be adjustable, including:

  • Pinching behind the ears
  • Sliding down the nose
  • Squeezing the sides of the head
  • Sitting crooked on your face

Get help: [email protected]


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What is your Home Try-on return policy?


It's FREE and easy to return your Home Try-on.


    • Free return shipping 
    • Attach prepaid label included in your box
    • Drop off at your local USPS
    • 5 day trial begins when you receive the box
    • Need more time? Just ask

No obligation to buy. No charges to return all frames. 


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I only want to try 1 or 2. Do I have to order 5?


Home Try-on does require you to choose 5 pairs.

If you don't want to use Home Try-on, you can still buy frames the old-fashioned way. Simply select “Buy This Frame” option on the product page of the frames you like, and pay for them as you normally would.


However, without Home Try-on:

  • You pay the full price of all frames when you place your order.
  • You pay $5 shipping, both ways.


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Will I be charged for all 5 frames?


You won't be charged for frames unless you don't return them  :)


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Do you take Vision Insurance?


No, but most vision insurance plans will reimburse you with a receipt.

Check if your provider allows out-of-network benefits.

You can also buy your frames with an HSA / FSA card, if it is affiliated with a major credit card.


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Why are some frames unavailable for Home Try-on?



Some frames may be unavailable for Home Try-on due to low stock. 

If you have your heart set on them, you can still buy them the old-fashioned way. 30 day return policy applies. 

For free shipping both ways, purchase them in the same order as a Home Try-on. They will be shipped together, and can be returned together for a full refund. 


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If Home Try-on is free, why do you need my credit card?


Home Try-on is free.

There's a $1 temporary charge to check your credit card. (This is refunded later). 

Your credit card is securely stored by my credit card processor, Stripe, so it can be used if you decide to keep any of the frames. 


Your card won't be charged, unless:

  • You use this card when you checkout online for kept frames (you can also use a different card).
  • Your box comes back with frames missing that you have not yet checked out for yourself.
  • One or more frames are returned damaged to the point that they cannot be sold. 


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How does Home Try-on work?


  1. Choose 5 frames. I send them to you. Free shipping both ways. 
  2.  Pay nothing unless you buy. $1 temporary charge. Otherwise totally free.
  3.  Try on at home. You have 5 days to pick which frame(s) you like best. 
  4.  Keep what you like. Checkout online for frames you want to keep.
  5.  Send back the rest. Use your pre-paid return label and drop your box at USPS.
  6.  Risk-free. No obligation to buy. No charges if you return all frames.


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What about prescription lenses?


I hope to offer lenses in the future!

Until then, any optician can fit lenses to our frames.


Opticians are not limited to the frames that they sell. They are usually happy to have your business for lenses, even if you didn’t buy the frames from them.

If you prefer to order lenses online, there are many websites that allow you to mail in your frames to be fitted with prescription lenses.


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