The Problem with Children's Glasses

“I’m a grown woman. I’ve got a great career. When people suggest that I look in the children’s section, it definitely gets me in the gut. How can a woman who rocks in all aspects of her life be downgraded to child? I may be petite, but I walk around like I’m seven feet tall.” –Carla

Has your optician fitted you with kid’s frames?

Many adult women with small or narrow faces have been directed to the children’s section at their local eyewear store.

That’s because children’s sizes overlap with adult women’s smallest sizes. Glasses for an older kid will be around eye size 48mm. For a younger kid, around 45 or 46mm. Those would be considered a woman’s XS (Petite) and XXS (True Petite), respectively.

Women’s petite sizes are uncommon – only about 8% of women need them – so most eyewear stores can’t afford to offer a good selection.

Given that, it’s not surprising that women sometimes settle for kid’s frames. Sometimes, they really are the best option that your local store has to offer you.

But there are many reasons why they are… well… not ideal.

Cartoon logos and spaceship colors

Although it is easier to find the right lens sizes in children’s frames, they rarely come in the refined styles that adults wear. The colors are often quite loud, and there may be hearts and unicorns. You end up looking childish when you wear them.

Thick and clunky

Often they are thicker, which reduces the chance of breakage but makes them look clunky. This is cute on your kid, of course. But many women with small faces actually prefer a thinner frame because it is less overpowering on a small face, and may give a more elegant appearance.

Temples pinch behind the ear

The temples run shorter on children’s glasses than adult frames of the same size. This causes uncomfortable pinching behind the ear. Often it is too short to be adjusted sufficiently for comfortable wear.

Fortunately, petite glasses are made for adult women

Designed for small or narrow faces, petite frames offer a much better fit. And, they come in the contemporary, adult styles that you see all around you. Shop our exclusive selection to find yours!

What else do you dislike about wearing children’s glasses? Post in the comments!

Ready to love your glasses?

Ready to love your glasses?

Ready to love your glasses?