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A classic rectangular shape, made to fit small faces. With lens width 48 and bridge width 16, this is my most commonly requested size.


  • Thinner than most plastic frames, for less obtrusive appearance.
  • Smaller lens height won’t overwhelm your face.
  • Clear frame is fresh and contemporary.


***Lenses not available. Take frames to any optician for prescription lenses.

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Clear Crystal

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4 reviews

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  1. Anonymous

    Is there a way to leave MORE than 5 stars?

    THANK YOU, PETITE GLASSES! It’s rare I review anything, but these glasses are deserving. And so is the company. I’ve emailed lots of questions and get timely and thorough responses, AND sympathetic UNDERSTANDING from someone it was clear understood my dilemma. This wasn’t the case with Warby Parker and some of the other mailorder try-on services I attempted.
    I started wearing glasses in 6th grade and they’ve been the bane of my existence since then (til now!) I tried contacts but had such severe issues with dry eyes, my optometrist warned me only to wear them when playing contact sports. In my 28 years of being in glasses, I’ve found a total of one other pair I can say felt and looked as great on me as the Debbie frame (but these are WAY better, because the “Crystal” clear frames coordinate so well with my super-eclectic wardrobe and ever-changing hair hue. In all seriousness, I got two compliments earlier today alone, which is actually what prompted me to come on here and see if there was a Review section of the website.) That other pair of glasses happened 20 years ago and actually started out as my sister’s, but my prescription was “worse” and I needed to wear them more hours of the day, so I convinced her to give them to me. I paid for her new pair, and to get my lenses switched into the new-to-me frames. I was in high school at the time and had just started working my first job, so the acquisition literally cost me a month worth of paychecks, but it was worth it. Those frames eventually broke and I was back to looking like a drowned rat in every other pair I tried. It affected my confidence so much, I’d only wear them when I was home alone, and totally avoided wearing my glasses in public (seriously! I actually hit a pedestrian on a crosswalk–lightly, no injuries!–because I wouldn’t even wear them if anyone else was in the car with me.) That day, I swore I’d search high and low until I found a pair I could live with, OR I’d at least suppress my embarrassment and wear them anyway. I had just started college, though, and was eager to make the best impression on my professors and all the new peers I was meeting. Coming from rural America, I thought that living in a new, big city, with many more choices would finally be the ticket in helping me find a pair that would make me look like a college student and not a fourth grader. It wasn’t! I had no luck. (By the way, that was one of my questions for Aislinn–how many people suffer from this petite-headedness? It’s like such a small percentage of people, no wonder small-but-sophisticated frames are impossible to find.) …which prompted me to get LASIK. My LASIK failed in half the time it took me event to pay it off (in fairness, my doc did then do it a second time for free, which then failed for a second time), which has rendered me a glasses-wearer for the rest of my life. I rock these Petite Frame glasses! I get compliments LITERALLY every day. Like when your make-up or outfit is spot-on and you walk with that air about you–these frames do it! Thank you so much for caring enough to tackle a problem that though it doesn’t affect the masses, still affects us few in a significant way every day of our lives!

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  2. Anonymous

    Perfect Fit

    Wow, these glasses fit my face! That never happens! And I love this modern look- really brightens my face

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  3. Anonymous

    Great Glasses, Great Customer Service

    Lightweight and good fit. Love that they are a nice looking crystal – frame is thinner not as thick as other crystal glasses I have seen. I am an older woman and heavy frames do not look right on me. First pair I received were a little crooked on me and customer service sent me a second pair to try with no issues. They fit perfect. Looking forward to new styles they may get in the future.

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  4. Anonymous

    Love my new Crystal Debbie

    Finally, stylish glasses that fit my face! Looking forward to more styles on the horizon!

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